BHP was looking to simplify their global Share program communications by making the message more accessible, exciting and elastic enough to be translatable into various other languages (including Spanish initially).
The brief was to inform Employees that your shares will be matched after three years, while also communicating the benefits of holding BHP Shares.

The result, was using a clever play on words to reinforce both the Shareplus name, but also the benefit of this offer – the massive plus of gaining twice the shares in 3 years’ time. 

We commissioned an Illustrator and Creative Retoucher to create 3 scenes which all formed the shape of a plus. The scenes featured employees enjoying the fruits of their investment at a family beach holiday, a european vacation and living the suburban dream.

Being a global campaign we factored in a range of different leisure activities and varied the ethnic mix to show inclusion. We hid a miner in each illustration too. 

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