Elliott Motorcycles is about bold, relentless discovery. It’s born from an approach that inspires riders and the industry.

We set out to create a brand that could grow to become a global name, attracting a community that will ride and wear the Elliott name with pride.

The essence of Elliott is to push the limits of the accepted and challenge pre-conceptions. 
By pursuing performance in every aspect.

The brand is forged from the signature of Elliott Andrews; a multiple national land speed record holder. While the signature represents one person, it also represents something that every motorcycle enthusiast can relate to – an obsession with performance.
The Elliott commitment to bravery extends to how they test their products not just in the shop, but around the track, along the roads, and on the salt flats.

Our position is the distinctive territory we aim to occupy in the mind of our audience.
Thus it forms the basis of all Elliott Motorcycles marketing activity.
It’s our essence rather than an outward facing statement and dovetails neatly with our brand expression ‘built brave’.

This bravery is not about changing for changes sake, but about not being constrained by what has come before.

This brand was extensively researched and lovingly crafted.
The project is currently in it’s early stages, so watch this space and follow Elliott Motorcycles on social media.

Project Credits
Brand Design/Art Direction: Brendan Moore 
Copy: Angus Williams
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Rychner
Photography/Social Posts: Courtesy of Elliott Motorcycles
Follow the Elliott Motorcycles journey at instagram.com/elliott.motorcycles

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